Computer Gear

These are not affiliate links, this isn’t a review site but I might add a few comments to things that I use and I figured that it is useful to others. If you somehow harm yourself using one of these things I’m not responsible.

Standing Desk Converter:

  • WorkFit-S Dual Desk Converter with Worksurface
  • I thought I would want to transition back and forth between sitting and standing, this isn’t the case.
  • The Keyboard tray angle can be adjusted, not enough, I clamped an additional board and shims to change the angle.
  • Not enough tension to keep the platform up. I have cut a wood board to keep the position the same as pressing down on the keyboard tray moves the whole platform down.

Standing Desk Matt:

Laptop Attached Folding Stand:

  • Silver Majextand
  • Folds flat and you can’t leave it at home
  • No complaints, very well designed, and made in Taiwan <3.


  • X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
  • Does not come with keycaps that allow LEDs to shine through, I salvaged some from an unused keyboard.
  • Keeps wrists bent at a more natural angle than standard keyboards.
  • I have become very fast at this keyboard layout and have trouble transitioning to others at this point. It’s gonna be a problem in the future if the company ever goes out of business.


  • MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball
  • The tilt doesn’t go far enough, I have actually printed a few different adapters to increase the tilt, in the end, I mounted a bracket to my keyboard tray that the mouse magnets too. This bracket keeps my hand almost completely vertical and allows it to rest on the tray.
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